102 – 6 – 1




Does anyone know the relationship between those 3 numbers?  102?  6?  1?  They are not Keno #’s.  Not Bingo #’s.  And not lottery #’s.  But they have a great deal of significance to Methodist Stone Oak, and they are related.  And they tell an exceptional story.

So, last week CMS–the overseeing body for the nation’s Medicare program–put out its first round of Hospital COMPARE data.  This is a byproduct of Obama’s healthcare reform.  It’s been years in the works and this webpage and database is meant to provide to the public transparency on the performance of the nation’s hospitals.  And unlike Healthgrades, Leapfrog or US News & World report, every hospital that participates in the Medicare program automatically participates in COMPARE.  And, CMS bases its results on their data that is entirely pulled from each hospital in the same way.  There’s no interpretation, no manipulation, no subjectivity.  This is ultimately and apples-to-apples comparison of all hospitals.

And drum roll please………………

102—the number of 5-star ranked–THE HIGHEST RANKING–hospitals out of over 4,000 hospitals in the report.  And guess what?  Methodist Stone Oak is one of those 102!!

6–Methodist Stone Oak was listed #6 of the 102 (see a portion of the list below to see the good company we are keeping these days!).  In college football speak, that makes us a BCS hospital team!!!!

1–Yes.  That’s us.  As reported by CMS and more recently the Express News (see link below), the #1 hospital in San Antonio!!!!!!!!!!!!

FB - Best Hospital in SA

Below is the Top Ten spots on the Hospital Compare site! CLICK HERE to see how other hospitals in San Antonio shook out in the rankings.

1. Fresno (Calif.) Surgical Hospital
2. Mercy St. Anne Hospital (Toledo, Ohio)
3. Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla (Calif.)
4. Orthopaedic Hospital at Parkview North (Fort Wayne, Ind.)
5. Mayo Clinic Health System Eau Claire (Wis.)
6. Methodist Stone Oak Hospital (San Antonio) 
7. Hoag Orthopedic Institute (Irvine, Calif.)
8. Premier Surgical Institute (Galena, Kan.)
9. Straub Clinic and Hospital (Honolulu)
10. Crystal Clinic Orthopaedic Center (Akron, Ohio)

Congrats to the exceptional staff that make up Methodist Stone Oak Hospital! You are the real MVP.


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