Healing Physician Burnout


HealingPhysicianBurnout_BookCover_FINALWe are proud and pleased to acknowledge that Dr. George Ford, internal medicine with iMed and also Methodist Stone Oak Medical Executive Committee Member, has co-authored a book titled Healing Physician Burnout – Diagnosing, Preventing, and Treating.  Dr. Ford has spent hundreds of hours researching this topic and is also a recognized expert on nursing burn out.  The book is the culmination of his efforts in partnering with Studer, who has authored several books and is nationally recognized as an expert on healthcare and hospital leadership.

We know that the issue of burnout in the healthcare profession is all too real, and with Dr. Ford as a partner, the leadership at Methodist Stone Oak Hospital continually makes an effort to apply the principles of his book to create an outstanding culture where physicians, nurses and other professionals can thrive despite constant industry pressures at play that contribute to burnout.

Way to go Dr. Ford!

For more information visit the Studer Group website or check out Studer’s interview on MSNBC’s Morning Joe.


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