Employee Recognition!

Eileen Ebert-AguilarWe would like to give a shout to Eileen Ebert-Aguilar, Methodist Stone Oak Hospital’s one and only wound care ostomy nurse. Eileen joined our team 1 year ago and has since then has become an integral part of patient care in every unit.

Eileen has over 10 years of wound care and ostomy experience. She holds numerous certifications including Certified Wound Specialist, Certified Hyperbaric RN, and Certified Ostomy Management Specialist.

As a one-person-deep department Eileen’s workload can be heavy, but she always manages to push through and share her knowledge with colleagues to empower them to carry fourth wound care plans. She serves as a valuable resource to the staff. She teaches them to do dressing changes, wound vac dressing changes and ostomy.

Six months ago Eileen received her latest certification in Ostomy Management Specialist (COMS). The certification test is not an easy one, but she passed it with flying colors. Because of her outstanding achievements and strong work ethic, Eileen has sparked wound and ostomy care interest in other staff members.

Congratulations Eileen, we are so proud to call you one of our own!

To read the full certificant highlight from the American Board of Wound Management, follow the link below!

Eileen Ebert-Agular, RN, CWS, COMS, CHRN



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