Better Beans!

Methodist Stone Oak Hospital is thrilled to announce the coming of better beans… coffee beans that is!

Our team has decided to join forces with coffee guru and San Antonio native Aaron Blanco, owner of The Brown Coffee Company in San Antonio. The Brown Coffee Company has officially signed a lease and plans to open a full-service coffee bar inside the space next to our gift shop along the main atrium.

Since 2005, The Brown Coffee Company has stayed true to its farmers’ intent by roasting everything in-house to perfection. The Brown Coffee Company is the first coffee company to directly source, roast, craft, and purvey coffees straight to consumers from producers around the world. With over 10 years of coffee brewing experience and two successful locations, The Brown Coffee Company was named San Antonio’s very best coffee operation for 2015.

Coming alongside this new addition, our courtyard area will be transformed into a tranquil outdoor cafe area for visitors and staff to relax with a world-class cup of joe. We are elated for Brown Coffee Co. to join us and can hardly wait to share San Antonio’s best kept secret with you! So get ready to skip the line at Starbucks and prepare for a more personal, yet simple coffee drinking experience.

Check out the heart and soul behind The Brown Coffee Company in the video below!

This is Brown Coffee Company from Brown Coffee Co on Vimeo.


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