With Thanksgiving

“Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines “thanksgiving” as:

  • the act of giving thanks
  • a prayer expressing gratitude
  • a public acknowledgment or celebration of divine goodness

The Bible defines “thanksgiving” as:

  • an act or spoken word of adoration, sacrifice, praise or offering to God

Every year when we are presented with a day dedicated to giving thanks for all we have been given and blessed with, a few things immediately come to mind…

The sacrificial love of God giving His only son for us to be wiped clean of sin so we may live an eternal life with God in heaven if we receive Jesus into our hearts.


The sacrificial love from a stranger by giving humbly their time, efforts, food or money to a brother or sister in desperate need.


The sacrificial love of a soldier laying down their life for another and their country.


The sacrificial love of a family member or friend slaving away in the kitchen to prepare the perfect meal for all that gather if just for a few hours of conversation – sharing victories and struggles but finding hope and strength in all that surround them.

Often we forget these great moments in time with the hustle and bustle of our lives, but acts of sacrificial love like these happen daily within the four walls of our hospital! Today and everyday we are thankful for the men and women that serve and the families that trust us to do so.

Methodist Stone Oak Hospital defines “thanksgiving” as:

  • humble moments of gratefulness to our Father for being honored to live our mission in this community by ‘Serving Humanity To Honor God By Providing Exceptional and Cost Effective Healthcare Accessible To All’!

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