Welcome, from our CEO

If not for the people, hospitals begin to look a lot alike. With modern advancement, a visitor finds similar equipment, devices and computers within the bricks and mortar of the buildings that comprise our nation’s healthcare system. What separates Methodist Stone Oak Hospital is our ability to attract the most talented nurses, physicians, technicians, pharmacists, housekeepers and therapists that play a part on this healthcare team. Talent stems from one’s ability to hone their trade in technical superiority, but most importantly at Methodist Stone Oak, it means having exceptionally positive, caring attitude for all of our patients.

How we are perceived in Stone Oak, San Antonio and all the surrounding communities we care for will be based entirely on the clinical outcome and the patient experience. So that is where we stay focused. I’m proud to lead this team into the future with our patients and all those that enter our facility as the benefactors of outstanding quality and great service. Our brightest days are yet ahead of us!

Marc Strode
Chief Executive Officer
Methodist Stone Oak Hospital